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Quantum Mandalas by

Dennis Mandala

There is one common thing in any road trip on the magical island of Ibiza. You will see the mandalas. And they are beautiful. Using graffiti techniques and airbrush Dennis creates those geometric “discoid objects” on walls, cars, terraces, floors, and other surfaces. Representing a symbol of prayer, the underlying rules of our internal and external universes…

Explore The Artwork By Юрий Андерсон

Ihti Anderson

Yuri started in 2005 with party decorations and in 2021 we are looking back to quite a journey.

His artwork become so incredibly detailed and harmonic, while carrying so many elements from other realms and dimensions – it’s almost unbelievable what we explore in one masterpiece one day and the other. Similar to good music, where you can listen to the same track or album for years, Ithi Anderson manages this level of quality in his artwork easily. We’re stunned for decades!

Museum-grade Canvases & Framed Posters

Your Direct Line To The Gods

Mauricio Chaves

Mauricio from Columbia managed to transport visions from meditative, astral traveling, and shamanic travels into beautiful artworks. Living on a mountain on the magical Balearic Island called Ibiza he is creating paintings and sculptures, channeling information from Egyptian Goddesses and Gods, Amazonian Forest Entities, and Mother Gaia’s voice while overlooking the forest, land, and sea.

Explore The Artwork Of Uday Nanda

Mandalas by Nature

The artist soaks up the atmosphere, captures the moment, and then creates a mandala and product combination according to the natural experience. Known from Boom Festival, ZNA Gathering, and other psychedelic open-air festivals became an attractor for cyber gypsies, steampunks, and other beautiful creatures on this planet.

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Free Like A Child

Pascal says when we enter the realms of meditation, spirituality and creativity we can receive clear information without stigmas, dogmas or anything else. The brain of a seven years old child has way less fear than most people in higher ages. The child will fall and automatically stand up again.

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