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Top 5 NFT Collectibles Projects that should be in your wallet

This month has been epic for the NFT eco-system. Institutions like VISA bought their first NFT, namely a crypto punk, while the NFT market volume touched a new all time high: 3 billion dollars. 

It has been a record-breaking month for Solana as well, and part of its rise to the top 10 of the crypto market is, many say, to be credited to the NFT project “Degenerate Apes”, yet another NFT collectibles project.

Like it or not, NFT collectibles are the real stars of the NFT world. From Crypto Punks to new projects like Adam Bomb Squad, NFT collectibles are clearly the top sellers and the most desired non-fungible tokens.

So, what are the top 5 NFT collectibles projects?

Crypto Punks

NFT collectibles Crypto Punks

If you have been into NFTs for a while, I bet you already know Crypto Punks, the masterpiece of Larva Labs.
We are talking of the grandparents of all NFT collectibles, this project features 10.000 unique characters.
Crypto Punks have been hosted at the most important international art fairs, such as Art Basel, they have been auctioned by Christie’s and the media love them.

You know about the ERC 721 standard right? Well, it was created to standardize the Crypto Punks, due to their incredible success.

When NFTs and Ethereum weren’t a big deal, you could have claimed one of these Punks for free, just by owning an Ethereum wallet. Funny, huh?

Now, NBA mvp Steph Curry has one Crypto Punk as his profile picture on Twitter, and trust me when I say he paid it good.
Nowadays, the only way to grab one Crypto Punk is on secondary market, but rest assured that having on them on your wallet it’s not a bad idea, at all.

At the moment of writing, the lowest price you would pay for a punk is 93.88 ETH (373.419,19$). Here’s another number: 1.21 billion of dollars, that is the total value of all sales.

Art Blocks

NFT Collectibles Art blocks

Art blocks is undoubtely the most innovative project in the NFT eco-system (until now), it’s an on demand generative content platform, stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.

You’ve heard it right, on demand, that’s the cool part about Art Blocks.

You then select a style that matches your taste, pay the price, and an algorithm randomly generates a piece of content, it can be a static image, a 3d model or an interactive experience.

Said piece of content lands in your Ethereum wallet right after having paid, and it’s an ERC 721 compatible token.
Next, there is the official Art Blocks curated collections, managed by a curation board that decides whether to include an Art Block in the exclusive official collection.

Then, there is the Artist Playground, where established NFT artists curate themselves a collection of Art Blocks.
Once they are satisfied with what they have deployed in the Art Blocks Playground (the generative tool), they “lock” their creation, and set the max number of iterations and the price.

At the moment of writing, Art Blocks transactions have an $8.36 million dollars volume.

Bored Ape Yacht Club

NFT collectibles Bored Apes

Much like Crypto Punks, the Bored Ape Yacht Club consists of 10,000 NFT collectibles living on the Ethereum Blockchain.
Once you join the club, you get exclusive benefits, perks and news about the roadmap of the project.

The cool thing is that BAYC membership has the same price for everyone and buying a bored ape will cost you 0.08 ETH on the primary market. Is that simple.

Each bored ape is programmatically generated, his traits are selected among 170 unique features.
Interestingly, owning NFT collectibles like Bored Apes, also gives you commercial rights, which is far from usual in the NFT market.

At the moment of writing, the Bored Apes Yacht Club has an all time trading volume of $422 millions, and over 20k all time sales.

Axie Infinity

Axie infinity is undoubtely the most succesful dapp of the whole Ethereum eco-system right now.
Axies are pokémon-like creatures created by Vietnamese game developer Trung Nguyen.

Playing Axie Infinity you will breed, farm, and sell your Axies.

Each Axie is itself an ERC 721 NFT, each has its own rarity. To give you some context, the 6th of September 2020, Angel, a Mystic Axie, was sold for 300 ETH. Yes, that’s more than a million dollars. No, I’m not joking.

There’s more, Axie Infinity has its own token, AXS, that at the moment is one of the top token in the whole crypto market. Some guys even bought themselves a new house just by selling rare Axies on the market.

The all time trading volume for Axie passes even that of Crypto Punks: $1,821 Billion, more than 530k traders and 4 million sales.

Even if you don’t like Pokémon and you think this is all childs’ stuff, you should definitely consider adding these NFT collectibles to your wallet.

Cool Cats

NFT collectibles cool cats

These feline NFT collectibles are following on the footsteps of Crypto Punks.
The idea is similar, 10.000 randomly and programmatically generated cat-like characters, stored on the Ethereum Blockchain.

Each cat represents a selection from a pool of traits that spans over 300k unique features, there are hats, bodytipes, different faces, and much more.

However, it doesn’t end here, the creators of these NFT collectibles have spiced things up by creating a 10 points scale. Each cat is worth between 3 and 10 points, the score is determined by the item your cool cat is wearing.
Coming soon: breeding! So, prepare for gen 2 Cool cats.

Pricewise, each cool cat comes at a flat price of 0.06 ETH on the primary market. But, as all cats are now sold out, you can only find them on secondary market, on Opensea.

At the moment, the total volume traded is 25k ETH, and the avg price for these NFT collectibles is 4.4 ETH.

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