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Portal (Acrylic and Watercolour on Canvas) *SOLD*

by Armelle Boussidan

1.100,00 excl. VAT

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Title: Portal
Artist: Armelle Boussidan
Display: Acrylic and Watercolour on Canvas
Size: 116 x 89 cm



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Armelle Boussidan

Invisible realms made visible

Armelle Boussidan has a unique talent to communicate in between worlds, seen and unseen. Showing energetic and vibrational states, the artist channels information via her very own language, radiating ancient messages. In the Transforma series, she is drawing from deep travels within and a powerful encounter with shamanic medicine, to show us the root and core elements of nature in a new light and perspective. The vibrant and vivid world of micro-organisms, natural entities, and their interconnection comes to light in her art, taking us to the cellular level. These tiny aspects of nature carry an unbelievable amount of love, compassion, and a big drive for harmony, entropy, and equilibrium. With the collection of Armelle Boussidan at a new set of doors is available for you to be opened. Her work awaits you to be seen, and intimately touch your soul and vice versa. Explore her Transforma collection here.

Virtual 3D exhibition

The photo above showing the artist was taken by PAOLA GUIGOU in 2014

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