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Robert Mertens

Robert Mertens was born in 1942. He has contributed to the home decor market and the textile industry with thousands of successful products, patterns, and designs. Under his influence, companies generated +100M USD in revenue, by bundling with his colors and ideas. Robert has always been curious about visible forms, geometry, ethereal frequencies, and their effect on the human body, mind and soul. That’s why, today, he has a vast collection of creations that is often filigree and powerful at the same time. As one of the pioneers in digital art, in the ’80s and ’90s, he was using simple software tools, compared to nowadays, to create his often quite complex artworks. Robert continuously adapted new technologies over the lifespan of 79 years and created his unique signature style, always directing the viewer towards beauty, gratitude, and love.

The essence of all feelings, the core of all beings, made visible: “A Baker’s Dozen” combines 13 digital eggs, providing the surface for interpretation, meditation, and being reminded of the underlying magical processes of life.

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