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Mike Engstrom

Educated at Central Saint Martins Art Collage in London, Michael has always been a passionate artist, Almost as passionate as he is about video games.

It was completely natural that he would move into the realm of Metaverse and be an artist there. Considering inspiration as the strongest force in art, he attempts to cross the bridge between the subconscious and conscious mind.

The result is beautiful interactive environments to experience or play there. He believes his calling to be a pioneer of the interactive metaverse art scene, is a place where we can learn more about ourselves as humans and beings.

“I have worked as an Art lead in the games industry for many years. I am trying to achieve exaggerated realism, which I refer to as hyper-realism. By blending photogrammetry with Zbrush sculpted game assets, the results I get are of a high standard and unlimited in terms of possibilities.

Some of the titles I have worked on have been major AAA successes and some projects have not had the same luck. My work has featured in the books, Digital Art Masters Vol 2, and Exotique Character Modelling.”

After 20 years of making video games
Mike Engstrom decided to provide
the NFT scene with his input
to co-create a new world
together with

Genesis NFT Collection

Fairy Being

Reflecting our realm of dualism, the artist provides us with two intense characters, both in their very own way. He reminds us of what’s deep inside the core of the universe, bringing entities of never seen before dimensions to our eyes, hearts and souls.

Crystal clear visions, in a hyper-realistic aesthetic, animated where technology is pushed to its boundaries and more.


• Environment modelling/Texturing
• Advanced World/Terrain creation
• Organic character modelling/texturing
• Hardbody modelling/texturing
• Cutting Edge NextGen Environment techniques for games e.g. photogrammetry
• Concept art
• Traditional Painting and drawing
• Game design
• Level Design
• Team management
• Art direction


• 3DS Max
• Maya
• Zbrush
• Mudbox
• Substance Painter
• Quixel
• Photoshop
• Unreal Engine
• Unity 4
• Terragen 2
• World Machine
• A variety of in-house software
• A number of other tools/plugins and applications to achieve the best possible results.

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