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Maureen Seaberg

Maureen Seaberg…

…is not only a synaesthete but also a tetrachromat.

Synaesthesia describes the melting and overlapping of our senses. One can taste numbers, the other can see words as geometric patterns in the air. The possibilities of this trait are endless and endless is our reality, the more we look deeper into the rabbit hole.

“Girl With Kaleidoscope Eyes”
Vogue Magazine in 2014

Looking into this world with Maureen’s eyes must be a special experience. We can not put ourselves into her perception, but the artist is sharing her experiences in a beautiful and accessible way.

Being a tetrachromat, Maureen Seaberg is capable of seeing around 100 million colours. The usual amount a human can see is 1 million different shades of red, blue, green, and all combinations.

Genesis NFT Collection

Snowly #1

Snowly #2

Maureen Seaberg’s Genesis NFT Collection…

…consists of high-resolution after-processed photographs of snow owls.

All photos went through A.I.-driven Topaz Labs Artificial Intelligence, including Gigapixel which allows the image to be enlarged quite a bit without losing clarity.

More artworks

A rare piebald, mostly white fawn living in New York City — with a magical story to tell. Read more…

The artist helped to create a lipstick collection for M.A.C., using her ability to see around 100 million colours: Read more here and here.

“I am one of the only DNA-,
and university-grade
functionality-proven human
tetrachromats, with super color vision,
identified today.”

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