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Jan Kruse

Sacred Fractal Hypnosis

Diving deep inside divinity.

A powerful tool…

…for diving into the deepest realms of your own system. You can use the creations by Jan Kruse for

  • active meditation,
  • passive devotion,
  • and both combined.

You can elevate your own being, realising it is all within, complete, and ready to use. Start your explorative journey, and realise you started a long time ago already. The constant never ending process of the core elements of life combined, always morphing, merging, melting and re-combined. Jan Kruse assists you on this path. Enjoy!

Jan Kruse creates atmospheres…

…that serve as a surface for your own experiences

  • at home
  • at events
  • and wherever you go

His art is consumable on smartphones, large screens, backdrops, printed paper, and Smart TVs.

Wonderland (Collection: Cosmic Watch)

About the Artist

Sunburn (Collection: Dance)

Jan Kruse loves to see how far, deep, and wide it can go, expand, and how intense the journey can become. The artists enjoys the pleasure of serving the people with wow effects in order to activate their curiosity and exploration mode.

Long term, Jan wants to create geometric worlds, to travel and interact within these synthetic realms.

"I simply do."

Creative process: Jan Kruse formed a core setup in his combined software approach, and goes from there in a combination of intuition and expertise. Like an experienced sailor the artist steers the psychedelic boat for us. Come on board, enjoy the show, in your own flow.

Latest Exhibitions & Events:

  • Psychedelic Trance Indoor Events in Europe
Ocean Trip (Collection: Dance)

"Let your heart direct your choices and paths."

Urban Florest (Collection: Cosmic Watch)

Software & Techniques

  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Adobe Premiere Pro
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Mirror Lab
  • Chroma Lab
  • ON1 Photo Editor
  • Kaleider


  • Autodidacte

“Life is there to be celebrated.”

Current NFT Collections

  • Jan Kruse
  • Crypto Light
  • Cosmic Watch
  • Travel in Visions
  • Dance
  • Birth

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