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Ingo Mesche

INGO MESCHE looks back at a wide range of projects with clients ranging from NASA to UNICEF, and invented the initial graphics for a video game character with 100M+ downloads. With a strong background in Demoscene, the artist is a well-known character in the gaming and digital art space for decades. Ingo Mesche’s life’s work consists of an interesting range of genres due to his versatile skill set, while his constant creative output is impressing people around the globe until today.

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The Archetypes Collection

Historic Gaming Graphics: First-Generation Pixels

Do you remember this game?

The very first iterations from the 1990’ies of this famous gaming character are on auction in this collection.

Ingo Mesche, the character’s initial creator, is a renown artist within the gaming scene, and digital art world. The artist has a strong background in the Demoscene, which was made national heritage by UNESCO.

He worked for clients including Apple, Sony, Warner Brothers, Google, Coca Cola, Swissair, Unilever, NASA, Swiss Government, UNICEF, and others.

There will be more artworks available by the artist in this collection from time to time. Stay tuned, and happy bidding!

Selection of clients:

– 1991 Spacemax with NASA
– 1992 First interactive TV Show Computer game in Europe “Minigame”
– 1993 Snack Zone graphics for BiFi / Unilever
– 1996 Video games for Swissair’s onboard entertainment system
– 1998 The very first 32 x 32 pixels graphic of the first Moorhuhn game
– 2001 Educational game “Catch the sperm” with UNICEF & Swiss government. More than 18 million downloads.
– 2006 Ad game “Coke Caps” for Coca Cola
– 2010 First AR/VR game combining a toy gun and a mobile phone. Awarded 2011 at The New York Toy Fair: “Best of Show”
– 2010 EU grant to develop a proof of concept of a volumetric display
– 2014 Conceived and developed the first dedicated Sports Social Network with betting functionality
– 2014 Hologram development for “75 Years Batman” project.

Virtual exhibition