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Heidi Hollis

“Growing up, all I ever wanted to be is a comic strip artist. Everything else that happened along the way only added to it!”

Heidi Hollis loves the world of comics, cartoons and the paranormal. It’s the colors, the fun and the smiles soon to follow—Heidi embraces it all. Her comic style, content and appeal; aim to give a nostalgic vibe—a throwback to simple comics and humor.

Heidi even creates her work putting pencil to paper, then ink to paper so she maintains the original hand drawings before converting them digitally. Other times she creates painted masterpieces or large 3D ceramic work, all following the same whimsical vibe seen in her digital comics. Her art has been shown and sold in galleries in Chicago, IL, USA.


As the first person to ever name, define and trademark two paranormal phenomena, Heidi is a pioneer in the paranormal world! “Shadow People” are a sinister, shapeshifting minion bending a knee to the devilish “Hat Man” who terrorizes the world to no end. In her many books, Heidi takes on these hellish topics and others, covering every corner of mystery from angels to aliens. She has also illustrated several books for adults and children.

People all over the world seek her advice on her popular podcast, “Dark Becomes Light”. This podcast is featured under the world’s #1 paranormal program and network, on the “iHeartRadio and Coast to Coast AM Paranormal Podcast Network”.

Pulling from her paranormal expertise, Heidi’s artwork reflect a mix of actual phenomena where you might find yourself learning, laughing and engaging in the mysterious—all at the same time.

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