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Elliott Barnes

Elliott Barnes graduated from Cornell University in New York State in 1985 with a Masters in Architecture and Urban Planning. In 1986 the AIA architect began his career with Arthur Erickson Architects in Los Angeles and at the same time pursued an academic career teaching at renowned universities in the United States and at ENSAD (National School of Decorative Arts) in Paris. In 1987, Barnes joined ECART SA., the office of renowned designer Andrée Putman. In 1997 Mme Putman created a new office and named Elliott Barnes design an managing partner; a position he occupied until 2003.

In 2004 Elliott Barnes created his own firm in Paris. His aesthetic talents meant that he was immediately sought-after for exclusive upscale design projects, including private residential properties, retail and institutional spaces, hotels and spa installations in France and abroad.

It is his obsession with details that characterizes his style, which is at once both eclectic and restrained, as embodied in his latest creations – the Maison de Champagne Billecart Salmon in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ, Hotel de Montesquieu (currently under construction) and two mansion houses in Paris.


“A moment, an object that is made for you”

by Elliott Barnes

The transparent NFT provenance of ownership brings reliability, and peace of mind.

Blockchain-enhanced furniture, with a proof of ownership impossible to imitate, including its full history of previous owners, and a royalties structure behind, opens new doors for connoisseurs and designers at the same time. Combining features of digital and physical worlds, a new type of interior & NFT objects is building a never seen before bridge.

HATCH is a one-of-a-kind artisanal lamp designed by the Franco-American architect Elliott Barnes and made available through the non-fungible token (NFT) world in association with

This exceptional hand-crafted table lamp is inspired from the IQANDA lighting collection designed by M. Barnes for Tisserant Art et Style Paris. In the South African language of Xhosa, Iqanda is translated into English as egg.

This unique fixture manufactured by Tisserant, a century old Parisian “bronzier
d‘art” and lighting manufacturer, revisits the use of emptied ostrich eggshells in the
field of decorative arts; an “upcycling” tradition that dates back 5000 years to the
bronze age. But rather than altering the surface of the egg as is usually the case,
HATCH repurposes the shell with a functional objective. The incorporation of an LED
light system within the shells, that have been cut in half, transforms them into
lightshades to create a unique elegant lighting fixture. The shells are supported by
brass branches attached to a polished brass central stem that sits on a matte brass
circular base. A matte brass demi-ring caps the top of the fixture
The distinctiveness of the lamp is inherent to the natural product that is employed.
As no two eggshells are a like no two lamp fixtures are identical. The singularity of
the work is in fact born at the molecular level because the DNA of each egg is
unique. In a certain sense, the genetic code of the eggshell makes it a natural non-
fungible token.

The inherent inimitable molecular code of the central element in the lamp, opens an
innovative situation for creating a seamless bridge between the past, present and
the future. By creating a digital image of the lamp, a numeric code exists that
allows the work to be minted on the Ethereum blockchain. The resulting NFT is
simply a futuristic man-made mirroring and extension of the natural genetic code of
the eggshell light shades.

Once the lamp has been minted it will be auctioned on an NFT marketplace to a
selected group of collectors. Upon acquisition, the smart contract will be presented
to, and Elliott Barnes Paris, who will then « hatch » the physical work.
Hidden within the smart contract will also be mechanism that will allow the metal
base of the lamp to be engraved with a QR code containing the owner’s monogram.
This accent reinforces the notion of ownership by referencing the monogramming
seen in certain luxury goods while simultaneously underlining the determining
quality of luxury


Elliot Barnes‘ divers list of built projects include «La Bourse et La Vie» and «Chez La Vieille» restaurants owned and operated by the Michelin starred US Chef Daniel Rose, an 800 m2 duplex in Bangkok in the MahaNakhon Tower, known as the “pixel” tower, the headquarters of the Ruinart Champagne house in Reims, a showcase apartment for the real estate group Mitsui in Japan, a collection for Manufacture Cogolin rugs, a collection of lights for Delisle Paris, a limited edition sterling silver champagne collection for Christofle, and the Ritz Carlton 5 star hotel in Wolfsburg, Germany.

The Elliott Barnes style resides in his elegant handling of light and use of both unusual and refined materials which invest unique, exclusive spaces with an innovative approach to luxury.


Key moments:

  • 1985: Bachelor’s & Master’s in Architecture and Urbanism at Cornell University, New York
  • 1986: Collaboration with Arthur Erikson Architects, Los Angeles

  • 1987 to 2003: Project designer then from 1997 partner and director of Andrée Putman’s office

  • 2004: Creation of elliott barnes interiors (EBI)

  • Taiping Carpets Flagship showroom, Paris

  • Guest Suites of the Maison de Champagne Billecart Salmon in Mareuil-sur-Aÿ

  • Headquarters of Maison Ruinart in Reims, the oldest Champagne House

  • 5-star Ritz Carlton hotel in Wolfsburg (Autostadt – Volkswagen Group)

  • Duc des Lombards, the legendary jazz club in Paris

  • The restaurants Chez La Vieille and La Bourse et La Vie in Paris

  • “Showcase” apartment for the Mitsui Group in Japan

  • Private mansion with gallery and private spa in Paris

  • Villa in Neuilly-sur-Seine

  • VNH Gallery in Paris

  • 800 m2 duplex in Bangkok in the MahaNakhon Tower

  • Private chalet in Megève

  • Private chalet in Verbier

  • Collaborations with Promemoria, La Manufacture Cogolin, Delisle, Phiippe Hurel, Taiping

  • Carpets, Maison Christofle (Champagne Collection), Tisserant Art & Style

  • Furniture presented by Ecart International and on the 1rst Dibs and The Invisible Collection sites

Acclaimed by the magazines Elle Décor USA in 2021, Architectural Digest France since 2014 and by Architectural Digest USA in 2021, Elliott Barnes is considered one of the top 100 Decorators in the world.

Elliott Barnes

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