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Aashna Aasif

Aashna’s creativity goes beyond…

…a channel of abstract connection to any source, she uses remarkable techniques and adds her ancient and modern knowledge into it.

From a first sight, we see the female character as a main character of any of her artwork. On a close connection with Hinduism, the main theological principle of her home country (India), she is inspired by the archetypes of Shakti, the women energy, or Yin.

Taking a closer look, Aashna has a background of studies in arts and is currently developing a Doctor’s thesis on Visionary Art, including a feminist perspective of women’s present in the art industry, as creators, curators and collectors.

Read her full interview here

Kundalini Awakening (2021)
Shroom Series II (2021)

"We have the option to create a world where our gifts can make a difference, help others and create opportunities for those living in the future. We are not only nurturers but also alchemists, we can turn the ordinary into the extraordinary. "

Shedding Myself (2021)
Origin of Life (2021)

“The love and dedication of my parents that has been put into creating me, a functioning human with unique talents and gifts, gives me the push to get up and be something. ”

Searenity (2021)

Virtual exhibition

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