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Former clients: NASA, UNICEF, Swiss Gov,
Google, Apple, Coca-Cola, Sony, Swissair, …

NFT Collection


Multiple award winning artist from Lisbon, Portugal.
NFT Collection


365 Hearts
NFT Collection


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Iconic Generation One Toy Art from the 1980ies
NFT Collection


Interior designer in Paris | AD100 2021


(Luxury Interior NFT)


NFT Collection


NFT Collection


NFT Collection


Born 1942 one of the pioneers in digital art
NFT Collection


Way More Than Retro: Amiga, the 1980ies and 3D Photorealistic Artwork
NFT Collection

NFT Collection

About our NFT Art Collective

Our collective and agency serves the purpose of supporting artists to make an impact on the art world, ideally to take away the challenging areas of marketing and advertising, to curate and evaluate artwork and artists in a fair way and to embrace the market of digital art, where NFTs are generated to protect the foundation from where they came from.

We’re a group of art and crypto enthusiasts with a background that goes from blockchain support and development, art curation, museum projects and exhibitions, marketing, communication, content and management.

We’re happy to meet you, to support your art and take it to the next level. 🙂

Meet the Team & Learn What We Do

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NFT Art Magazine

How to enter the NFT space?

The world of non-fungible tokens (NFT) opens new opportunities, both for artists and collectors.

With our NFT artists & investors agency service, we build the bridge between creators, buyers, and the blockchain-driven NFT market. Whether you are completely new to NFTs and want a full-service agent active for you, or already know quite a bit but want to be free from the technical and marketing side, we got you covered.

We are your smooth introduction to the NFT market.

Our NFT art agency guides, consults, buys & sells

As your NFT art agent, we either support you selling, or enhancing your investments in the crypto world. Our agency provides a wide range of assistance for both buyers and sellers.

We help you getting started

We consult you on best practices and do the actual work as much as you prefer. Finding and creating NFT art that sells, how to sell in the best way possible and how to buy crypto art as an investment strategy using the emerging asset class.

How to sell NFT art?

We provide you with knowledge, contacts, and marketing. Depending on our agreement we put our resources into your art creations and free you from all topics which might reduce your time and energy for your creative process right now. Instead of reading hundreds of NFT tutorials, read or listen to our explanation and get started.

You can learn how to create NFT art pieces that sell, the process of minting, and how to move your creative flow towards success. You can read our NFT marketplace comparison, or us develop the perfect strategy for your creations. You can become an expert on “how to NFT your art”, read our free NFT ebook & newsletter, trust our NFT services, or do both.

NFT art investment: where & how?

The world of non-fungible tokens can be overwhelming in the beginning, especially when you are willing to invest money to build up or diversify your crypto assets. We guide you to the most reasonable steps in order to make your NFT art investment a success. We act as NFT art investment consultants, brokers and dealers.

Due to our integrity in the old and new art markets you can leverage our expertise and contacts, investing in upcoming NFT art projects, trending creators and benefit time- and yield-wise. Successful crypto art investments are highly momentum-driven and there are technical tweaks we can use to increase your returns.

Want to start selling your art or investing in NFTs?

Send us your inquiry, and we will get back to you with options and next steps: