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Free NFT E-Book

Ultimate Guide to NFT

Table of Contents

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Chapter One: All about NFTs

❖ What is an NFT?
❖ Are there other types of NFTs?
❖ Are NFTs a cryptocurrency?
❖ Why are NFTs valuable?
❖ How is an NFT created?
❖ How do you buy and trade an NFT?
❖ How do you store an NFT?
❖ Why would I want to buy an NFT?

Chapter Two: Step By Step Guide on How to Create an NFT

Chapter Three: NFT Marketplaces

Chapter Four: How to Promote Your Art in the CryptoArt Scene

❖ Connect with Your Tribe in the ‘CryptoTwitter’ Community
❖ Know Your Style
❖ Create Value for Collectors
❖ Shill Your Art to the World
❖ Be Persistent
❖ Pricing Your Artworks
❖ Start with a Collection
❖ Exhibit in the Metaverses

Chapter Five: A Quick List of Alternative NFT Marketplaces

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