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NFTs are disrupting the art world and empowering artists!

It is no secret that NFTs are once again having their big moment.

More and more artists are choosing to tokenize their art and sell it on the top NFT marketplaces.

What are NFTs

Why are NFTs so important?

Yet, many people may still ask: “but why?”

Well, here’s the answer!

  1. First, it’s important to know what NFTS are, and why they provide artists a safer and cheaper way to authenticate their work and its provenance.
  2. Non-fungible tokens, are cryptographic assets that represent something unique, or non-fungible. The metadata inside each NFT provide a permanent, unalterable record on the blockchain. This record describes what the token represents, similar to a certificate of authenticity. Also, you can’t exchange your token with another’s ownership history and transaction record. Hence the name non-fungible token.
  3. Because of this, once the artwork is stored on the blockchain (i.e. minted) it will always be associated with its creator, and everyone will be able to check its transaction history and its buyers and sellers.

That’s one of the reasons why artists feel much more secure when making their art as a Non-fungible tokens.

NFTs Communities

Also, since Non-fungible tokens started being a worldwide topic in the art world, artists started creating and partaking in NFT communities, either on Twitter, Reddit, or Discord.

NFts Communities

These communities make artists feel more connected and free to share their artworks with each other, discuss about crypto art, ask for tips on the most technical side of digital art, and much more.

NFTS are revolutionizing the art world and are empowering artists by granting them full control over the ownership of their art.

Are NFTs secure?

Basically, we are talking about an easily accessible proof of ownership, cheaper, and safer.

Moreover, NFTs are inspiring non-digital artists to try their luck in the digital art world and expand their creativity.

So, if you haven’t started yet, feel inspired by this article to create your NFTS!!

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