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Hermitage Museum announces sale of Leonardo da Vinci’s NFT

Hermitage Museum, located in Saint Petersburg,Russia, is one
of the largest museums in the world and is now entering the NFT

In partnership with Binance NFT Marketplace, the museum started the
auction on the 31 of August and will run the auction until the 7th of

Hermitage has announced the sale of several pieces, including a
digital copy of ‘’Madonna Litta’’ by Leonardo da Vinci and other pieces
from artists like Vincent Van Gogh, Claude Monet e Wassily Kandiskij.

hermitage nft

Each piece has two copies on NFT: one of the copies will be saved in
the museum and the other one will be sold in the NFT Marketplace
Binance. The digital copies will also have the signature of Hermitage
director Mikhail Piotrovsky.

The initial price for each lot was set on 10,000 BUSD, a cryptocurrency that tracks the US dollar.

BUSD is Binance stablecoin, meaning that the is a dollar backed digital currency, whose value will always track that of the USD.

This is a big announcement for the NFT community since its the first
time a museum is selling ancient art as NFT.

Also, its really good to see that all artworks are being authenticated and immortalized on the blockchain.

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