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Interview: Catryoshkas

Generative collectibles are popping up like mushrooms…

…and a few are not only successful by their numbers but also full of value consisting of fun, collaboration, and love.

One project we want to direct more spotlight on is Catryoshkas.

We spoke to LauraMeow via Discord:

Nice to meet you! How did the idea of Catryoshkas come up?

Nice to meet you too and to have you as a holder of our collection too. I guess many people are familiar with the Russian Matryoshka dolls. I had a few of these growing up and I’ve always had cats and still do and I’m not the only one. All of us from the team do. So it was a natural progression from the fact that we wanted to do a cat collection. But there are several cat collections around and we started thinking about how we can approach it differently and the Matryoshka idea appeared. We started to get very excited about the possibilities and Milly, our illustrator, started doing a few sketches right away which just looked so promising, we knew right then and there we had found the perfect idea for us.

Kittens come with a breeding feature

Your whole appearance looks very professional and routined. How many people are running the project, and what’s their background? Is it the first time you’re running a project like Catryoshkas?

We are three people in all and for a project like this, it’s not a very big number. It is actually quite difficult to pull off, but lucky for us that we all have different backgrounds and complemented each other perfectly. Metheor is our developer for this project. I’m a social media manager in my job, so I handled the copywriting and communication. Milly is an illustrator, she does some lovely pattern designs and adores drawing animals, and did all the designs and illustrations. We all worked at some point at the same company, years ago and kept in touch on a frequent basis, so it was natural for all of us to collaborate on something like this once the idea came to be.

What do you think makes a project like yours successful?
There are several factors. You have to have some visually appealing art, a clear idea for the project and lots of dedication since it eats up plenty of time. Since we all have day jobs, you can imagine a lot of extra hours were put in and a lot of sleep was lost, but we’ve managed to put out a project we are immensely proud of and the community’s reception has been very warm which makes us feel like all the hard work paid off.

Only 111 Grand Catryoshkas will be alive

What are the little details that make it attractive? We know about your kittens’ breeding, is there anything else? How is rarity involved in Catryoshkas?

Yes, we have four different types of assets. We wanted to simplify the matryoshkas a bit. Not that it’s a difficult concept, but it’s more difficult to implement, at least for now, in a concept like NFTs. We have over 200 traits in our collection, which makes for plenty of variety. We also have quite a few unique kitties that are sprinkled throughout, some we’ve revealed in our promos, others will be complete surprises. We’ve taken characters from movies, cartoons, and pop culture and adapted it into our collection’s visual style.

Catryoshkas looks like a huge amount of effort. How long did you prepare all this?

Considering all the planning and discussions we had until we got down to work, I’d say it was around three months. And again considering we all had day jobs it put quite a physical and mental strain on us all, but we can definitely say we are proud of the results.

Only 222 Lucky Coin Catryoshkas will be alive, and give voting rights in their DAO

How do you see the whole generative art scene developing in the next few months and years?

It will certainly develop as more artists join the scene and I’m sure big companies also. We’ll be seeing multi-million dollar collections that will generate tens of millions on mint and I see it becoming quite the industry and something very familiar. For now, I’d say it’s still a novelty, but slowly entering the mainstream

What’s a feature you would love to implement, and it is simply not (yet) possible technically or resource-wise?

We would really like to evolve the project into a game because we have brainstormed a lot of great ideas and NFT games are still scarce. But game development requires a bit of resource and we would need to hire more people for this plan to come true. We would need to hit certain milestones on our roadmap. But with a loving and supporting community behind us, it is something far from impossible.

Is there anything else you want the crypto-collectibles scene to know?

We would like them to know we are very committed to our goals and we would like to have their support so we can grow this project to its full potential!

Check out the cute Catryoshkas here:


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