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Interview: Catryoshkas

Generative collectibles are popping up like mushrooms… …and a few are not only successful by their numbers but also full of value consisting of fun, collaboration, and love.

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On Sound

Music & Audio NFTs

The song "You Don't Own Me" will be launched as NFTs

A Grammy-winning song on the blockchain. Fractionalized into 1000 editions. A piece of cultural history, the #metoo movement and a hymn of women’s rights…

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John Madara
On Leisure

Luxury & Fashion NFTs

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On People


Interview with Aashna Aasif (2/2)

AASHNA AASIF on Rituals, Techniques, and Psychdelics (Interview Part 2) As we perceive the success of Aashna’s first available collection on the blockchain (available at Rarible and OpenSea),

Interview with Aashna Aasif (1/2)

The Visionary Exploration of AASHNA AASIF in a Feminist and Digital Era – On The Blockchain (Interview Part One) Aashna’s creativity goes beyond a channel of abstract connection

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