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Samuel Pedrosa
Born in ‘85, from an early age he took the artistic path. In primary school, however, his notebooks were more pointed by drawings than by material and even in his calligraphy there was a concern for the structure of shapes, putting aesthetics ahead of practicality, much to the dismay of his teacher. From then on he was always looking for an academic path that would lead him to the world of visual arts. He graduated in Graphic Arts, where he met the role of graphic designer, a profession he has chosen to perform since then. It was as a designer that he discovered the potential of multimedia tools that serve as a working tool, to create something that was new to him: digital art. This revelation made him want to immerse himself more and more in this world, creating the project ‘The Artwork of Samuel Pedrosa’ to serve as a shelter for his explorations and experiments, very much based on the manipulation of elements resulting from random and chaotic processes. In the meantime, his creations overflowed beyond the digital and also visual medium, including currently writing, another great interest of his. Always looking for evolution, he sees in the creative act unique expression possibilities, essential to better understand himself and try to make sense of the great enigma that is existence. Homo ludens. Homo faber.

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