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Pascal Manitoba
Pascal creates art free like a child. He finds beauty in the duality of life and lets people find their own perspective within. The artist sees our brains as a prism into the whole universe and we all don't know where this is all coming from. So we stay curious like a child in order to experience freely. Pascal provides artwork made in high frequency states of his own brain and being by getting into transcendent, yogic and spiritual scenarios. He says when we enter the realms of meditation, spirituality and creativity we can receive clear information without stigmas, dogmas or anything else. The brain of a seven years old child has way less fear than most people in higher ages. The child will fall and automatically stand up again. This is a mental state which seems to be worth achieving again, isn't it? "my art is the frontier between inner and outside world, and forms and colours conjugué themselves to generate other ones, it depend at which scale you watch for it, and short way to never forget infinite...
It's too poetic, surrealism, tribal and shamanic art, cause these forms came from universe, humbly witness of our experience of living... 😘🌈😻"

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