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Ipsos Malafaya

Ipsos Malafaya is a Portuguese female artist, based in the UK since 2006.

An obsessive illustrator since childhood, Ipsos trained at prestigious institutions in both Lisbon and London, graduating from Chelsea College of Art with a degree in Fine Art in 2012. As a classically trained hyper-realist artist, Ipsos faced a drastic, radical change after a trip to the Amazon jungle in 2015. During this trip, Ipsos had her first encounter with the powerful medicine of Ayahuasca, and this experience was to cause an inner transformation that profoundly affected her understanding of reality and consequently altered her art forever. Today Ipsos’ very colorful work often addresses themes around the many facets of the ego, the nature of reality and consciousness, and psychedelic culture. She also draws a lot of inspiration from various spiritual practices such as Buddhism, Hinduism, or Jewish mysticism.

Here you can find original paintings, framed posters in museum-grade quality, and fine art prints on canvas, reflecting the original artwork.

Also, explore our gift shop with psychedelic home & living products and presents for your friends and for yourself, using the artworks’ vibes in your daily life. 🙂

Enhance the atmosphere of your meditation or living and sleeping room, kitchen, or entry hall with real psychedelic artworks from true visionary artists. Trippy art drawings & paintings, mandala wall art, Sacred Geometry oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, trippy pictures, mushroom-based art, ayahuasca-influenced artworks, and DMT-related visions channeled into visionary art paintings. We ship worldwide from several locations depending on where you live, with tracking codes, and are available around the clock for your support. Our mission is to enable artists to focus 100% on their creative process and to make you as art lovers happy. This way we all benefit. Enjoy!

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