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Dennis Mandala

Quantum Mandalas

There is one common thing in any road trip on the magical island of Ibiza. You will see the mandalas. And they are beautiful.

Using graffiti techniques and airbrush Dennis creates those geometric "discoid objects" on walls, cars, terraces, floors, and other surfaces. Representing a symbol of prayer, the underlying rules of our internal and external universes, he made their positive energetic effect available all over the island and in parts of Holland where Dennis was born.

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Usable for ritual purposes, the creations reflect the values of Buddhism and Hinduism. Those cultures say, by entering a mandala, looking at one, or drawing one, the person will be guided towards getting out of suffering while going into the direction of joy and happiness, step by step.

Based on Quantum theory and numerology these creations are highly active on way more levels than just the visible part. As patterns of Sacred Geometry are an optical representation of the main rules of the universe those can be used as a tool for being deeply connected to healthy ways of living and bringing your own DNA quality and development into a good way of evolution. For thousands of years, mandalas are being used as a healing property. Now they are available in aesthetics connected and according to the needs of our time, generation, and step of human evolution.

Dennis has a strong power to understand the energies of places by natural intuition and putting the exact right colors, shapes, and elements to create the desired change of atmosphere in each place he visits with his toolbox and paint.

With his Reiki master knowledge and esoteric connection to his mother ship coming from Sirius he definitely found his mission on this planet and now you can transport all these helpful, healing, and positive vibes into your home.

Explore his creations now and get their "shape power" activated for you by finding your very own favorite which resonates the most appealing with your body, mind, and soul.

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Here you can find original paintings, framed posters in museum-grade quality, and fine art prints on canvas, reflecting the original artwork.

Also, explore our gift shop with psychedelic home & living products and presents for your friends and for yourself, using the artworks’ vibes in your daily life. 🙂

Enhance the atmosphere of your meditation or living and sleeping room, kitchen, or entry hall with real psychedelic artworks from true visionary artists. Trippy art drawings & paintings, mandala wall art, Sacred Geometry oil and acrylic paintings on canvas, trippy pictures, mushroom-based art, ayahuasca-influenced artworks, and DMT-related visions channeled into visionary art paintings. We ship worldwide from several locations depending on where you live, with tracking codes, and are available around the clock for your support. Our mission is to enable artists to focus 100% on their creative process and to make you as art lovers happy. This way we all benefit. Enjoy!

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