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About Us is a collective that’s bridging the gap between traditional and crypto art.

What we do

Founded in 2020 by a team of crypto and art enthusiasts, NFT backs up a portfolio of artists from several genres of art and digital techniques and sets them up on the creative blockchain. We serve the purpose of supporting artists to make an impact in the art world.

Ideally, we take away the challenging areas of marketing and advertising of artists, curate and evaluate their artwork in a fair way and to embrace the market of digital art, where NFTs are generated to enlarge the artistic environment and create value.
Our project also focuses on protecting the investment of NFT collectors and setup art on the blockchain for galleries, museums and organisations.

Fairly engaging and supporting the transition to Web 3.0, our focus is to keep working in projects that allow a change in the way that online advertising is being made and to shift the paradigm of selling data to advertising companies and promoting pages through paid ads. We agree that influence and education are the most relevant aspect of art and tech promotions.

We are partners with the top NFT marketplaces, such as Foundation, KnownOrigin, Rarible, SuperRare, Mintbase, MediaEye, NFTREATS, Cardano NFT, DoinGud and many others.

We support upcoming and established artists on their adventures in the NFT space and connect all types of projects and collectors in the digital realm.

Meet the Team


Maria is a creative soul herself and loves to assist artists in order to free their mind and help them reaching their full potential.

Coming from Lisbon she is based in Barcelona and travels the globe wherever she’s needed most.

She started her own NGO by the age of 23 and cares about equilibrium & justice on this planet.


Markus, founder of several internet ventures in the creative space wants to eliminate the annoying and energy eating tasks from the artist’s life so the artist can focus on the creative process 100%.

He comes from an artist family himself and understands well what’s needed in each scenario. His grandfather was a full-time artist with exhibitions around the globe.

Markus is a nomadic soul, and meets lots of creative people all around the globe.


Adriano is not only a well-educated philosopher, but also an artist himself with lots of own ideas and creative approaches we would have never thought of before.

He brings the Italian spice into our magazine, artist collaborations, and social media output.

Adriano loves people, and asks them surprisingly refreshing questions in his interviews.


Márcia creates a fresh breeze of new perspectives, ideas, and activities within the team.

She re-invents TikTok methods on a daily basis, juggles hashtags like a circus queen, and asks us exactly the right question, when we all thought we’re on the right track.

With a strong understanding of the rules of aesthetics and expressions, Marcia adds that special vibe that makes the crucial difference in our social media appearance.


Sem loves to say “No.”

No to arrogance, no to undervaluation of art, no to typos, no to misconfigurations, and no to unethical hacks.

With a strong attention to detail Sem takes care of our Discord server, communication on Reddit, and lots of other nerdy channels and activities.

Without Sem our Discord would be entertaining like a slowly rolling ball of scrub in the desert, and we say “Yes.” every time Sem suggests a new or better way of doing something.


João is constantly creating new approaches for all our collaborating artist and projects. His endless pool of ideas, re-combinations of best practices into completely new ways of sending out messages to the world benefits everyone involved.

João’s passion for making theory reality drives and pushes us to new boundaries every day in a happy way.

As a multi-disciplinary thinker and doer, he is connecting the dots in our multi-disciplinary team.




Andreia comes with a big bag of talents, skills, and experiences our whole operation benefits from every day.

With a vast experience in art concepts and marketing realms, she contributes the team with her visual and communication skills, and development of promotional campaigns.

Andreia is not only generating the needed contacts and opportunities, but is also cultivating them for the benefit of all parties involved. 

History & Background

Earlier we were active as a project that helps fine arts artists with marketing, production, and the technical side of all digital activities. Always with the goal in mind, to enable the artists fully in their creative process, without all the distractions by hashtags, apps, domains, hosting, promotion, and anything else but the artist creating art.

Today we are a full-service helping hand and consultant for artists that want to strive within the fine arts and crypto art scene.

We stand for
  • Protecting art and intellectual property in a respectful and effective way
  • Breaking intransparent and often one-sided processes in the fine arts industry
  • Decentralised organisation structures, to provide a real people-driven governance in decision making and resource distribution
  • Providing time, energy, and resources for creative minds in exchange for their creativity and healing effects for everyone

The hand-drawn pencil images were actually AI-drawn via AI Draw by @sato_neet. Thank you!

You want to talk?

Feel free to send us your ideas, wishes, questions, or whatever comes to your mind. If you want to collaborate or getting consulted, you can also fill out this form.

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