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Interview with Aashna Aasif (2/2)

AASHNA AASIF on Rituals, Techniques, and Psychdelics (Interview Part 2)

As we perceive the success of Aashna’s first available collection on the blockchain (available at Rarible and OpenSea), we got in touch with some of her deepest levels: rituals, inspiration, spiritual connections and the openness for psychedelic traveling.

As a visionary artist, Aashna is one of the first female digital creators to bring this type of art into the NFT space. The mission is to keep inspiring women and visionary artists to follow their path and trust on the protection of their artwork through the new hype of the crypto art world.

Read below what she has to say and feel free to comment and share thoughts.

Section Two:

Let’s focus on rituals: what do you integrate in your daily life?

In my daily life, I’m always trying to live consciously. It is very important for me to make conscious decisions and be aware of what I’m feeling and make informed decisions about as much as I can. My interest in psychology allows me to be critical about my emotions, but also let them flow through without judgement. So I integrate each small experience into my life by processing it through feeling and thought in (almost) equal measure. It’s not always possible, but I try my best to be aware of what goes around me and inside me to be able to integrate experiences, emotions and opinions in as unbiased a way as I can. I integrate good habits, advice and more efficient ways of living from all that I am exposed to, I love learning new things and I have no issues accepting where I lack so I can improve myself and grow more. 

Spirituality. Which Archetypes do you take closer to your reflection?

I feel like I’m constantly evolving, but I would say I feel the most resonant with the Creator and Magician archetype. Understanding the universe and its intricacies, in addition to creating novel things out of the mundane, is one of my core intentions in life. I have the strong visualisation of a Creator and the manifestation capacities of a Magician. Though I always move ahead with the openness and knowledge that “I know nothing”, and let my abilities guide me into new experiences where I can bring things into existence. 

Spirituality. Yoga, meditation, dancing… What’s your secret weapon?

I was not much into wellness and movement, but after 2017 I started having lung issues, my close friend and spiritual guide told me it is because of some personal issues that I’m facing these problems, so after much suffering I came upon Yoga. I started doing Yoga and it was magical how quickly my body healed itself without any medication, I was told I have asthma but now with Yoga I never have to take medicines for that, which is absolute magic to me. The importance of movement has become apparent and I’m trying to stay more fit with some exercise and running (with my dog). I also looove dancing, I had learned Kathak for a few years…and for meditation, I’d say painting and working on my art is my meditation, it brings me into a flow state and gives me a clarity which is unparalleled.

Shrooms Series I
Shrooms Series II
Shrooms Series IIII
Psychedelics. What’s your view on the importance of psychedelics? And what do you consider taking for yourself?

I think psychedelics are an amazing tool for personal growth, creativity and exploration of your own consciousness. There is immense potential in these substances and its mind revealing properties make it incredibly sacred and important to me. I think psychedelics have the potential to teach you a lot, be it being okay with yourself or giving you a path to follow which you otherwise would not know. It is my life’s mission now to explore these potentials, improve myself and also spread this knowledge that might help others. And in doing this, I believe mushrooms are a great tool and blessing for humankind, I had some beautiful experiences with mushrooms that had a lasting impact for the better, experiencing the seemingly alien consciousness of the mushroom interacting with my own, they turned my mind into a plaything and I had the experience of detachment from the self which was most humbling and magical. 

Psychedelics. Let us know some experiences!

Oh My, my first experience with mushrooms was so special to me. See, I make psychedelic-inclined artwork but I usually do not see geometric visions on my own, but in this particular trip, I was totally surrounded by an infinite scape of pure geometry, the entire spatial environment was made of intricate geometric shapes, out of which emerged a 4 cornered pillar of some sort, with 4 entities on each corner, guarding a portal within their confines. I was in complete awe and amazement of what I was witnessing, it was unlike anything I had seen. Then from within that portal, came out a strange face (again made out of geometric shapes), it was a strange and intense face, like that of a dragon, but it wasn’t frightening in the least. The face spoke to me, stating that “We know you want to go inside this (portal) and see, but you have to stay here for now” and in my bits and pieces of consciousness left, I understood what the entity meant, and I accepted the experience and what the rest of the trip had to show me. There was also a funny incident, where before taking the mushroom, I had plans to explore the other side and bring back those visions, but when I was there, I could sense the mushroom mocking me in the background, and I realised the Aashna that wanted to seek, the one who wants to bring back the visions, that very central identity of me, was standing somewhere faaaar out of my reach, I wasn’t that self anymore, and I felt this was very funny, the things we aspire to be, our ambitions (however good they may be) mean nothing when you detach from that self. I thoroughly enjoyed the way the mushroom mocked my puny human consciousness (or maybe it was actually my ego) the little ways that we have formed ourselves, our ego, the identity we have built..its all washed away, there is nothing left, only pure experience. It was the most beautiful experience indeed! 

Microdosing. Ever tried? How does it help your creations?

I have tried to microdose a few times, but I believe I’m doing something wrong because I didn’t feel much haha, or maybe I did not understand what I was expecting…

Art. What’s your view on today’s art world? (And what needs to change?)

Ah, when I began my journey in the art world, I was, like a lot of people, enamoured by the glamour and the pomp of the mainstream art world, the different ways art has been glorified was of awe to me. But eventually, I realised there is a lot of commodification of the art and the artist, while I agree its important for the artists to feed themselves through their work, there is a commodification which actually has been constructed for the benefit of the rich and not anyone else. Art and all the beauty it has to offer has become inaccessible and out of the understanding of the regular person and it has turned into an investment for hoarding of wealth. Art is more than just that, I believe the changes we need are to make art more accessible to the general population, easy to acquire and enjoy… that’s why NFTs and merchandise with artwork is so good, it’s useful and enriches the daily life with the creativity and stimulation art has to offer. Moreover, live sessions and interactive painting/art sessions are required to make art like an engaging experience, like sports or music has been made.

Art. How did you know this was your gift?

Before my undergraduate I thought I was going to pursue psychology or history, but towards the end of my high school I realised art has a calling for me. I don’t even remember thinking about it too much, I just knew that I wanted to pursue art I did. I was always interested in art but that was the point that I decided to actually pursue it as a career option, and now it has become a way of life for me. It just comes naturally to me, I would always find myself scribbling or doodling when bored, reading something interesting would spark a visual in my head that I would feel like painting/materialising, I see patterns easily in everyday life, art is very ingrained in the way I function…

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